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Back and White.

Back and White is a small platformer with a puzzle touch and a interesting twist that I let you discover for now...   Much more coming in the futur.

This project started as a game jam but I'm actualy working on the game right now ! I'm going to make it into a fully fledged game with much more depth to it (real story, way more levels, much more music and big graphical improvement). So stay tuned for an awesome game coming later in a near futur ! For now you can enjoy a little demo nearly as it was uploaded for the game jam.

Hope you enjoy !

Demos :

Windows :





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bug report:character moving trace disappear around this area, is this intention or bug?

My computer bluescreened while playing and I thought it was a joke because 1, the theme of the game and jam, and 2, I haven't actually seen a Windows 10 bluescreen in-action before so I couldn't tell if it was accurate. Bruh mementos.

can you implement for Linux?

Sorry for the late reply, but I'm currently working, and reworking thing on the game right now so I can't really build it for linux... But stay in touch for when it comes out !


this is just like pony island but a platformer